Online Course of Sumi-e - Japanese Ink Painting

Basic and advanced course

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Please see the list of materials below.

In the class, we will introduce the materials that are selected to teach traditional Sumi-e, Japanese painting art correctly and you can buy them online: brushes, ink, rice paper, Japanese “Ganzai” color paintings among all. For other materials we could use many recycled objects that could be found easily around the house.

The teacher is Japanese and has a teacher certificate of Sumi-e from the International Sumi-e Association in Tokyo.
If you want to continue Sumi-e, we practice a theme in one or two classes: plum blossom, birds, waterfalls, mountains … and when you practice all the subjects of the basic course and all the final works of each subject are presented, you will receive a certificate of completion and you go up to the advanced level course.
-Material list-
1. Big brush (Approx 3,5cm length y diameter 0,8cm of the part of the hair)
2. Small brush (Approx 2,5cm length y diameter 0,4cm of the part of the hair)
***For 1. and 2., the alternatives are watercolour pencils.
3. Chinese/Japanese Ink (Alternative: Black watercolour or any kind of black ink)
4. Rice paper (Alternative: Watercolour paper or any kind of sheet paper to start)
5. Felt (minimum 40 x 60 cm – Alternative: Black sweater/cloth with smooth surface)
6. Paperweight (Alternative: stones, batteries…)
7. Suzuri · Stone plate for ink (Alternative: espresso cup or shooter glass)
8. Small plates (alternative: lids of cristal bottles of jam etc.)
9. Small cloth
10. Charcol or pencil

If you want to continue practicing Sumi-e, we would recomend to use paper and brushes with good quality.  Please see our recommendation in:

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