Online Course of Sumi-e - Japanese Ink Painting

You can’t join Sumi-e courses in person? Please try our interactive live stream classes of Sumi-e!  We’ve been going for 3 years now and we have classmates from Holland, Andorra, many cities in Spain (Madrid, Tarragona, Barcelona, Girona…)…

Basic nivel

Wednesday 18:30-20:00

We change the theme (flowers, birds, trees, landscapes…) every week or two. You finish some final works of each theme.

To complete a final work of each theme , for each step I demonstrate the techniques, we practice them and I review the work of each participant. Therefore, it adapts to the level of each one and you can attend whether you are new to this technique or if you are already a great fan.

I studied Sumi-e and obtained Sumi-e teacher certificate in International Sumi-e Association, Tokyo. Since 2013. I have been giving course and workshop in various art universities, schools, workshops and events. I started online interactive weekly online classes since 2020. I  really enjoy being able to connect with fans of Japanese ink painting from various cities.

I introduce correct materials to learn authentic techniques and also traditional works to deepen knowledge of Japanese art.

80 euros por mes para cuatro clases al mes

One trial class: 23 euros

More information/Resgiteration :

-Material list to prepare for online class-
1. Big brush (Approx 3,5cm length y diameter 0,8cm of the part of the hair)
2. Small brush (Approx 2,5cm length y diameter 0,4cm of the part of the hair)
3. Chinese/Japanese liquid ink
(Please check the same product in the Amazon site of your country.)
4. Rice paper
(Please check the same or similar product in the Amazon site of your country.)
5. Felt (minimum 40 x 60 cm
6. Paperweight (Alternative: stones, batteries…)
7. Suzuri · Stone plate for ink (Alternative: espresso cup or shooter glass)
8. Small plates (alternative: lids of cristal bottles of jam etc.)
9. Small cloth
10. Charcol or pencil
If you want to continue practicing Sumi-e, we would recomend to use paper and brushes with good quality.  Please see my recommendation in:
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