Masterclass y C0urses of Sumi-e in Art Universties and Schools

I have been developing and giving Sumi-e courses or masterclass with teamwork and with a Japanese theme (Haiku, short story, anime, manga….) adapting to the needs of each university or school of art.

Step 1 · Concept

Obtain the knowledge of the concept, brief history, materials and basic technicques of Sumi-e.

Step 2 · Practice of different techniques

Learn different techniques to paint different themes (bamboo, water, mo untains, trees, flowers, birds….) and develop techniques to apply in their own works.

Step 3 ·
Teamwork - visualization of scenarios

Teamwork: Each team creates a collective painting to visualize a Japanese theme (Haiku, story, anime, manga...) with the techniques learned.

Step 4 ·
Teamwork - Complete a collective painting

Teamwork: Each team finishes the collective painting using Japanese art materials (Shiki-shi, emaki/a rolled book….)

Courses y Masterclasses realized

02.2023    Art and Design School of Tarragona, Tarragona, Spain
12.2022    L’idem Creative Art School, Barcelona
01.2022    CIC High School of Art and Design, Barcelona
12.2021    L’idem Creative Art School, Barcelona, España
09-12.2021    Escola Massana, Barcleona
01.2021    CIC High School of Art and Design, Barcelona
12.2020    L’idem Creative Art School, Barcelona
12.2019    L’idem Creative Art School, Barcelona
11.2019    L’idem Creative Art School, Perpignan, France
12.2019    Escola Massana, Barcelona
02.2019    L’idem Art School, Barcleona
12.2018    ELISAVA Universty of Design and Engeneer of Barcelona
12.2018    CIC High School of Art and Desgin, Barcelona
07.2018    Summer Intensive Course
                  Escuela Municipal de Arte Arsenal · Villafranca de Penedès
06.2018    Summer Intensive Course for Professors
                  Escuela Municipal de Arte y Diseño · La Garriga
09.2016    Universidad Autonomo de Barcelona
07.2016    Escuela Municipal de Arte Manolo Hugué · Caldes de Montbui


2020.12 L’Idem Art School Barcelona
Taller de Sumi-e x Animación

2019.12 L’Idem Art School Barcelona
“En Sumi-e. el artista da tada el alma a la obra”

2019.11. L’Idem Art School Francia
Cinéma D’Animation Masterclass Cine avec Kaoru Hirose

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