Kaoru Hirose

Born in Tokushima, Japan, Kaoru is an artist and certified Sumi-e  teacher by the International Sumi-e Association of Tokyo. She has been realising Sumi-e courses, demonstrations and exhibitions at art  universities, schools and other art institutions in Barcelona, Sitges, Berlin and other cities in Europe.

Lived in Japan until 22 years old, then she moved to Canada, afterwords to Germany.  Since 2006 he lives in Sitges close to Barcelona.  In this Mediterranean village, she creates delightedly her artwork inspired by content elements that she has been through with the unique Asian traditional technique.
01.2020    CIC High School of Visual Art, Barcelona
12.2019    L’Idem Creative Art School, Barcelona, Spain
11.2019    L’Idem Creative Art School, Perpignan, France
09-12.2019 Escola Massana, Barcleona
03.2019    Art Association Moerser Palette, Moers, Germany
03.2019    L’Idem Creative Art School, Barcelona, Spain
12.2018    ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona
12.2018    CIC High School of Visual Art, Barcelona
07.2018    Prenzlauer Studio · Berlín, Germany
07.2018    Summer Intensive Course · Municipal School of Art Arsenal · Villafranca de Penedès, Spain
06.2018    Summer Intensive Course for professors Municipal School of Art and Design EMAD, La Garriga, Spain
11.2017    XXIII Salon del Manga Barcelona · Fira Barcelona
10.2016    XXIII Salon del Manga Barcelona · Fira Barcelona
09.2016    Autonomous University of Barcelona
07.2016    Municipal School of Art Manolo Hugué · Caldes de Montbui, Spain
2012-2015    Instructor qualification Course, International Sumi-e Association, Tokyo, Japan
2010-2011    Post-graduate Degree in International Cultural Cooperation and Management, University of Barcelona, Spain
1993-1998 Bachelor of Arts in Language and Culture / Teaching TrainingCourse Osaka University, Japan

3-5.2018   Miramar Cultural Center, Sitges, Barcelona
11.2017    Aquí hi ha gat amagat, Centre Civic Pere Pruna · Barcelona
11.2017    Espació de Espíritu de Japón, Salon de Manga · Fira Barcelona
10.2016    Espació de Espíritu de Japón, Salon de Manga · Fira Barcelona
03.2016    La Quadra, Culture room· Santa Maria de Palautordera, Spain
10-12.2015 XXVIII Sanvisens Painting Competition · l’Edifici Miramar, Sitges, Barcelona
06.2013    Exhibition of International Sumi-e Association The National Art Center, Tokyo

02.2019    ESNE University Design School, Innovación y Tecnología · Collaboration with Japanese Embassy · Madrid
04.2018    Fira del día Sant Jordi · Sitges, Spain
01.2017    Press Confrerence of Umaicha · Green-spot, Barcelona, Spain
03.2015    Korekara Japón · Mitte Barcelona, Spain
01.2015    Japanese Association New Year Party · Hotel Melià · Barcelona, Spain

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